Student Supervision will begin each day at 8:30AM.
Students being dropped off should arrive no earlier than 8:30AM

(The only exception is made for students participating in the YMCA before-care program)

Start: 8:45am

End: 3:30pm

Our students begin their day with morning announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance and a daily Morning Meeting time to discuss the day’s goals and prepare for a great day of learning!

Each student receives daily instruction in Mathematics, Language Arts and Science/Social Studies. Students also receive daily instruction in a “special” class (Health, PE, Library, Spanish, Art or Music) from teacher specialists.

All of our curricular areas are aligned with the Pennsylvania State Standards.

We offer many additional support programs to meet the diverse needs of the students at Bancroft. These programs include Title I reading services, English as a Second Language (ESL) services, Special Education services, Speech and Language Services, OT/PT services, Guidance programs and enrichment programs. These support programs are offered in whole group, small group or as individualized instruction. We have a very exciting Response to Intervention and Instruction (RTII) program that is built into our schedule as well.

In addition to the instructional time in the student’s schedule, each child has a daily recess period and a lunch period.

All students are offered an excellent educational experience at Bancroft. We take pride in differentiating our instruction to meet the needs of all learners.