Fifth Grade Creates a Living Wax Museum

Fifth grade students at Bancroft Elementary School recently created a wax museum. After choosing a famous person, and using materials from the library media center, the students created a biographical report. On the day of the wax museum, the students used props and costume to become their famous person. They then stood very still – like a figures in a wax museum – waiting for someone to “push” their button to make them come alive. Once their buttons was pushed, the students would recite their speeches about their lives. This amazing biographical project will be remembered and cherished by all students.

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Chorus Entertains Student Body

Bancroft Elementary School’s chorus, under the direction of music teacher, Mr. Ben Green, performed a dress rehearsal for the entire student body and staff. This rehearsal allows the musicians to practice for the performance that night. The group sang the songs they had been practicing along with the instrumentalists playing along. The student audience was extremely respectful, responsible, safe, and being the best they could be during the entire performance.

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A cappela Singers Enrich Bancroft Students

Students from Penn State sang to Bancroft Elementary School students and staff in a cappella style. The group sang various songs and encouraged the students to sing along with some of the songs. After the concert, Penn State singers answered questions from the attentive audience.

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Bancroft Students Compete at Special Olympics

On Thursday, May 3, Mrs. Sara Simasek’s students participated in the Southern Chester County Special Olympics. The weather was picture-perfect as the Kennett Consolidated School District’s Olympians boarded the bus wearing their T-shirts and excited smiles. At the event, the students ran 100 meters, threw tennis balls for distance, and participated in the long jump. As they had practiced, they cheered to support their fellow athletes. Each student proudly received a ribbon after each event amidst the applause of families, teachers, and peers. The students represented Bancroft Elementary School with pride by being the best they could be at the Special Olympics!​

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Bancroft Elementary School Holds First Plant Sale

Bancroft Elementary School students have been learning about plants through practical experience by planting seeds and observing them develop into young plants. Many varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers are growing all over the school. Students are excited to watch them grow and would love to see them go to Bancroft Elementary School families during the school’s first plant sale this Saturday, May 5 from 9:00-11:00 am, rain or shine. Plants will be sold from $1.00-$3.00 per plant. All proceeds will benefit the the school’s garden.


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First Grade Students Visit Ashland Nature Center

On Friday, April 27th, Bancroft Elementary School’s first grade classes visited Ashland Nature Center. They looked for organisms living in the stream, the woodlands, and the meadow. The first graders found snails, tadpoles, millipedes and much more. The Ashland Nature Center volunteers showed the students their own animal collection of toads, frogs, turtles and snakes. Visiting these habitats in person helps to bring the students’ current science curriculum, plants and animals, to life. Everyone had a great time, despite the rain.

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Art Club

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades have an exciting time in Art Club under the direction of Bancroft Elementary School Art Teacher Mrs. Janice Finn. The students have worked on many different pieces of artwork, including colorful banners that are on display in the cafeteria for everyone to experience each day. Members of the Art Club have also created art for the Day of the Dead, and clay leaves and fall design projects for autumn. In addition to having fun, the students learn art processes through experiences and practical projects.

Art Club students and teacher

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Bancroft Reading Olympic Teams Challenge Faculty

Bancroft Elementary School’s fifth grade Reading Olympic teams have been competing against the school’s faculty team to sharpen their reading skills. They compete to simulate what the actual competition will be like when they go to the Chester County competition this May. Having another team to compete with strengthens their ability to work as a team and increases their love of reading. All the competitions have been extremely helpful and have provided many opportunities for unique experiences with their teachers. In order to assist the faculty team, the teachers are given special snowflake ‘lifeline’ cards they can give to a student not competing that day to answer for them. This not only helps the faculty, but also the students.

Bancroft Reading Olympic faculty team

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Raising Coins for Leukemia Cure

Congratulations and thank you for participating in Bancroft’s Leukemia Coin Drive! We have completed the challenge of helping The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society find cures for blood cancers. The money we raised will help make a difference. Stay tuned for our grand total. Now the results…

Congratulations on a great job with the Pennies for Patients coin collection! Our Bancroft families can feel very proud that we raised $843.87 to help people who are sick with Leukemia. Every penny, nickel, dime, quarter or dollar you donated will fund research to find a cure and improve the lives of blood cancer patients. Thank you for your generosity!

Participation certificate

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After-School Sports

Bancroft Elementary School’s After-School Sports meets on Wednesdays with Mrs. Kamber Real and Miss Lauren Anderson. The group is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students who enjoy playing sports and games that focus on team building, sportsmanship, and fitness. Some of the games the students play are capture the flag, kickball, dodge-ball, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball. It is a great way to participate in physical exercise and meet new friends, while learning how to get along with others. The spring session will begin the week of April 9th!

Students holding different sport balls

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