Library is Ready for the Read for the Gold Reading Incentive

Bancroft Elementary School’s library media center is ready to begin its 8th annual Read for the Gold school-wide reading incentive program this week. Students have been trained in the Accelerated Reader online quiz program and are ready to earn comprehension points for each book read and quiz passed. Classes will earn points and they will be tracked on the school’s ‘Reader’s Up’ baseball display in the library media center. Each week Mr. David Livergood, the school’s library media specialist, will update class points on the display. Beginning in October, classes, with the most comprehension points by grade level, will earn the reading trophy for their class monthly. Readers up!!

baseball field

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Green Thumb Club

The Green Thumb Club has been busy this spring as the second graders planted our first crop, and the first graders have harvested it! The students learned how to prepare the beds for planting, how deep to plant the seeds, and ultimately how to harvest vegetable properly. We’ve enjoyed the fresh spinach and lettuce from our garden that the woman in the cafeteria have prepared for us.

As soon as the early crops were picked, the members of the Green Thumb Club planted the summer crops of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers. Bancroft Elementary School families will take on the responsibility of caring for the garden during the summer months. Food will either be taken home and eaten or donated to the Kennett Food Cupboard.

All of the students agree that growing your own food is fun and easy, too!

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Art Club

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades have an exciting time in Art Club under the direction of Bancroft Elementary School Art Teacher Mrs. Janice Finn. The students have worked on many different pieces of artwork, including colorful banners that are on display in the cafeteria for everyone to experience each day. Members of the Art Club have also created art for the Day of the Dead, and clay leaves and fall design projects for autumn. In addition to having fun, the students learn art processes through experiences and practical projects.

Art Club students and teacher

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After-School Sports

Bancroft Elementary School’s After-School Sports meets on Wednesdays with Mrs. Kamber Real and Miss Lauren Anderson. The group is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students who enjoy playing sports and games that focus on team building, sportsmanship, and fitness. Some of the games the students play are capture the flag, kickball, dodge-ball, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball. It is a great way to participate in physical exercise and meet new friends, while learning how to get along with others. The spring session will begin the week of April 9th!

Students holding different sport balls

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Student Spotlight: Reading Olympics

Fifth grade students at Bancroft Elementary School have formed two teams to compete in the Chester County Reading Olympics in May 2018. The students have been reading, taking Accelerated Reader quizzes, and practicing every Tuesday after school with Mr. David Livergood, the school’s library media specialist and Reading Olympic coordinator. Student teams have been reading 45 books from different genres in order to compete at the county level. For the past six years, Bancroft Elementary School’s teams have all come home with blue ribbons – the highest award at the competition! Help us cheer our teams on to victory.

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Student Spotlight: Jump Rope Club

In the fall, winter and spring a group of first and second grade students gather together after school to participate in Bancroft Elementary School’s Jump Rope Club. This club promotes physical activity, cooperation, and FUN! The fall session was a huge success with students learning the basics of how to jump rope as well as more complex skills and tricks. Each week the students learned something new such as partner jumping, group jumping, and using a Chinese jump rope. There was so much interest in Jump Rope Club this year the winter session is already filled with students who were not able to participate in the fall. First grade teacher Mrs. Stacey Hoernig looks forward to teaching new group of students the ins and outs of jumping rope!

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Student Spotlight: Music at Bancroft Elementary School

Bancroft’s choral and Orff ensembles are working hard to prepare for their winter concert, which will be held at school on December 12, 2017. This year’s concert will feature several popular Christmas, Hanukkah, and winter songs. They will even be sneaking in the popular “You’re Welcome” from Moana.

The chorus will sing in both English and Spanish, and the Orff ensemble will accompany them on drums and xylophones as well as performing their own standalone instrumental pieces. These groups have been working diligently since September and look forward to showing their classmates and family members what a little hard work can sound like!

“In general-music classes,” Mr. Green says, “Bancroft students get the opportunity to sing, dance, and play instruments in almost every 50-minute class! The xylophones and drums have been at the center of the music curriculum for years. However, we are very excited for a few new additions into the music classroom. Both music rooms have been outfitted with brand-new Polyvision boards for interactive technology-based lessons. And with the purchase of 12 new ukuleles, we now have enough of these fun string instruments for every student in any given class to have the opportunity to play together.”

Band teacher Mrs. Strickland adds that the band has 49 fourth and fifth graders participating this year. “Our focus is on music literacy, new notes and fingerings, and the embouchure—the facial muscles used in producing and sustaining a sound. You may not know that a correct embouchure is vital to playing any wind instrument and needs to be worked on daily so that growth may occur. I am excited for the students to share what they have been learning. My advice for all band students remains the same: keep practicing! Daily practice helps make permanent the skills you are learning to become a better player.”

The orchestra is working hard on preparing for their upcoming Winter Concert on January 23. The beginning strings students have been focusing on learning how to use the bow and are very excited to be playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Good King Wenceslas.” The second and third year classes have been perfecting their concert songs, which include a fiddle song, a holiday song, and our crowd favorite, “String Explosion.”

We hope to see everyone at the concert!

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Student Spotlight: Special Friends Club Meets for First Time

The first meeting of Bancroft Elementary School’s Special Friends Club was held in October. The Special Friends Club is funded by a Kennett Education Foundation Mini-Grant. The mission of the Special Friends Club is to create opportunities for the school’s life skills students to make connections with their peers. Through this club, students are able share in activities and games, giving students a chance to build relationships.

For the club’s first meeting, thirteen students from first through fifth grades gathered for Morning Meeting in Mrs. Sara Simasek’s class. After introductions, students participated in a greeting and read the Morning Message. The students then joined together in a Responsive Classroom activity called “Just Like Me.” Statements were read by Mrs. Simasek, such as “My favorite school lunch is pizza.” The special friends then responded “Just Like Me” if they agreed with the statement. Through this activity, the students discovered that they have many things in common!

After the Just Like Me activity, the students shared materials to create a pumpkin craft to take home. Everyone smiled as they displayed their finished pumpkins. The club will meet each month to continue to build understanding and friendship.

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Bancroft Students Learn School-wide Positive Behavior Rules

Bancroft Elementary School students are learning or reviewing how to behave in their school. After a summer break from the school routine, students benefit from these lessons on positive behavior. Students learn how to safely walk in a line through the hallways and stair cases, how to act in the cafeteria, how to safely use the playground equipment, and how to behave during assemblies. Students also learn the expectations for their classroom and small group areas, as well as how to behave correctly on the school bus. Everything revolves around Bancroft Elementary School’s rules to “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Always Be the Best You Can Be.” As you can see below, they are quick to learn or remember these behaviors. Once the rules are adopted, students are ready to learn the academics in school.

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