Student Spotlight: Special Friends Club Meets for First Time

The first meeting of Bancroft Elementary School’s Special Friends Club was held in October. The Special Friends Club is funded by a Kennett Education Foundation Mini-Grant. The mission of the Special Friends Club is to create opportunities for the school’s life skills students to make connections with their peers. Through this club, students are able share in activities and games, giving students a chance to build relationships.

For the club’s first meeting, thirteen students from first through fifth grades gathered for Morning Meeting in Mrs. Sara Simasek’s class. After introductions, students participated in a greeting and read the Morning Message. The students then joined together in a Responsive Classroom activity called “Just Like Me.” Statements were read by Mrs. Simasek, such as “My favorite school lunch is pizza.” The special friends then responded “Just Like Me” if they agreed with the statement. Through this activity, the students discovered that they have many things in common!

After the Just Like Me activity, the students shared materials to create a pumpkin craft to take home. Everyone smiled as they displayed their finished pumpkins. The club will meet each month to continue to build understanding and friendship.

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Bancroft Students Learn School-wide Positive Behavior Rules

Bancroft Elementary School students are learning or reviewing how to behave in their school. After a summer break from the school routine, students benefit from these lessons on positive behavior. Students learn how to safely walk in a line through the hallways and stair cases, how to act in the cafeteria, how to safely use the playground equipment, and how to behave during assemblies. Students also learn the expectations for their classroom and small group areas, as well as how to behave correctly on the school bus. Everything revolves around Bancroft Elementary School’s rules to “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Always Be the Best You Can Be.” As you can see below, they are quick to learn or remember these behaviors. Once the rules are adopted, students are ready to learn the academics in school.

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Student Spotlight: Art Club

May’s Student Spotlight is Bancroft Elementary School’s Art Club. Art Club runs in two sessions – fall and spring – and projects vary by session. Throughout their time in Art Club, students use a variety of art mediums including clay, pencils, and paint. Each session begins with a large group project that adorns the hallways of the schools. Students work together in small groups to create one large project. This year club members made turtles, lightening bugs, snakes, and more to decorate for the book fair’s camping theme. Currently, the young artists are making Pharaoh Masks using paper mache.

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Student Spotlight: Jump Rope Club Promotes Fun and Learning

Every fall and spring a group of first and second grade students gather together after school to participate in Bancroft Elementary School’s Jump Rope Club. This club promotes physical activity and cooperation while encouraging fun. The fall session was a huge success. Students learned the basics of how to jump rope, as well as more complex skills and tricks. Each week the students learn something new such as partner jumping, group jumping, and Chinese jump rope. There was so much interest in for Jump Rope Club this year that the spring session is already full with students who were not able to participate in the fall. Thank you to Cory Hogan who was Mrs. Stacey Hoernig’s honorary assistant this past session. Mrs. Hoernig looks forward to working with a new group of students this upcoming spring!

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Student Highlight: Bancroft After School Sports

Bancroft Elementary School’s After School Sports meets on Wednesdays with Mrs. Kamber Real and Mrs. Mallory Smith. The group plays sports and games that work on team building, sportsmanship, and fitness. Some of the games they play are capture the flag, kickball, dodge-ball, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball. It is a great way to participate in physical exercise, while learning how to get along with others and meet new friends.

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Mindfulness Club Teaches Students About Themselves

Bancroft Elementary School’s Mindfulness Club is a group of 25 students in grades 3-5. The group practices yoga through mindfulness, meditation, and journaling. The students share and discuss ways to be kind to themselves and those around them as they learn to understand their mind and body through movement.


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