4th and 5th Grade Students Master the Recorder

Music class has entered our Spring Semester which means RECORDERS! Our 4th and 5th graders are working hard to master playing their newest instrument, the soprano recorder. Each music class, students will work on a new song that incorporates new fingerings, rhythms, and melodies. 4th Grade will be working on notes BAGC’D’ and our 5th Grade will review BAGC’D’ and add CDEFF#. You will notice all of their hard work in their Recorder is Awesome music packets that they take home to practice. Check out their amazing progress!

students holding a recorderstudents playing a recorder

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Chester County K-9 Sheriffs Department visits 3rd Grade

Third grade recently read the story “Aero and Officer Mike”. This story is about a police officer and his K-9 partner. It describes the events in their day, the training they incur and how they work together as a team. The book came to “life” for the students when Corporal Mendenhall and his K-9 partner came to visit Bancroft. The dynamic duo is from the Chester County K-9 Sheriff Department. Corp. Mendenhall talked to the children about his job and how he helps people. However, Nero stole the show when he demonstrated his amazing K-9 abilities. Everyone enjoyed their demonstration!

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Fourth Grade Learns About Worms

The fourth grade students had a wonderful time learning about worms during a science lab titled, “Wondering About Worms.”

First, students created an environment to test the question: Do earthworms prefer light or darkness? After three trials, the students determined that worms prefer the dark. This environment replicated a worm’s natural environment in which they bury themselves in the soil and dirt.

Next the students asked: Do earthworms prefer moist or dry areas? The students were surprised to find that most worms like the dry area.

Finally the students asked: How do earthworms react to touch? As predicted, worms flinch when touched.

The class determined that worms inherited these behaviors. Everyone had a blast learning about worms!

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Second Grade Inventors

After reading a biography written about George Washington Carver and the many inventions that he and other important people used second grade students at Bancroft Elementary School brainstormed problems that they face as students. After a list of problems was generated, the students went home to create an invention that could solve one of the problems. Next, the students created a 3-D model of the invention and make a mini-poster to demonstrate how the invention works. Students will be sharing their inventions in an oral presentation.

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Senora Gabriela Moyer’s Clases de Espanol!

In fifth grade, students have completed maps of Mexico and their caracteristicas geograficas (geographical characteristics).

Fourth grade students are working on geographical characteristics of Bolivia and are having a great time creating 3-D maps.

In third grade, students are learning about the Taino people that lived in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico before Christopher Columbus landed in the New World.

In second grade, students took a virtual trip to Costa Rica where they will be collecting stamps for the different places they will visit. The first place is the jungle!

First grade students started their “Familia” book which will tell all about their family. The students will be presenting them to their classmates.

students holding pamphlets

students with play dough

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School Nurse Shares GERM-Buster Lesson With Students

Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection, and Bancroft Elementary School’s nurse, Mrs. Maureen Orlando, has been sharing a GERM-buster lesson with classes to discuss the why, when, and most importantly, how to wash hands. The use of the GlitterBug hand washing products and an ultraviolet light allows students to visualize the trail of contamination we often spread via our hands!

So when we have germs on our hands, who you gonna call?


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Mrs. Michelle Strickland and Mrs. Elisa Mata Teach Band and Orchestra

The Bancroft Elementary School’s instrumental ensembles feature both the fourth and fifth grade band lead by Mrs. Michelle Strickland and the third, fourth, and fifth grade orchestra lead by Mrs. Elisa Mata. The ensembles recently had a successful winter concert and are preparing the students with new a musical repertoire for the spring. Music literacy and tone quality are the primary focus as they venture into music exploring dynamics, articulation, and new notes and rhythms. As always, the encourage young musicians are encouraged to practice daily so that they may unleash their full potential and become the best musicians they can be!

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Mrs. Jan Turner Shares Guidance and Career Lessons

Guidance counselor, Mrs. Jan Turner, conducts classroom guidance lessons, which are an integral part of the curriculum at Bancroft Elementary School. First graders learn about the importance of rules in their new school and second graders learn the differences between tattling and reporting.

The newly state-mandated career lessons are underway and will finish by year’s end. The topics of this curriculum include entrepreneurship as well as career awareness, preparation, acquisition, and advancement. The school has welcomed two guest speakers – Mrs. Noelia Scharon, Co-Owner/Founder of La Michoacana Ice Cream  visited the third grade and Kennett High School’s Assistant Principal Mr. Ray Fernandez visited the fourth grade. Fifth grade students participated in mock job interviews. Later in the school year, Crime Victims of Chester County will do presentations on bullying and internet safety. These lessons are instructional and informative in nature and reach all students.

adult speaking to students

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Bancroft’s 4th and 5th Grade Chorus and Orff Ensemble

The 4th and 5th Grade Chorus and Orff Ensemble have been working hard at learning their music for the December 11th concert at Bancroft Elementary School. They took a break from rehearsing to sing with the New Garden Chorus at the Toughkenamon Tree Lighting on December 1st. They have been doing a wonderful job getting our community and school into the holiday spirit.students holding papers

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In Physical Education Class Students are Having Fun with Fitness

In Physical Education class, students are having fun with fitness, utilizing our equipment funded by a KEF CrossFit Kids grant! We are working on squats, overhead presses, and box jumps. Our fitness days include fun warm-ups and games, and of course a fun workout to practice our skills! We are also working on sport-related skills such as kicking and throwing and catching. Students played 2 versus 2 soccer games, over and underhand throwing, and “Capture the Football”- just in time for football season. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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