Students Learn About Mileage Club, Exercise Cycles, and Mindfulness

There is so much happening in Mrs. Leigh Castle, Mr. John Howanski and Mrs. Kelly Hainsey’s health classes!

Everyone is setting goals and running laps during Mileage Club. And, students in Mrs. Hainsey’s class are using a new scanning system funded by an Innovated Grant from The Kennett Education Foundation, called EZ Scan. Inside the classroom, Mrs. Castle incorporates an exercise of the cycle, like “Wacky Jacks,” with her students, while Mr. Howanski is practicing mindfulness activities! We’re keeping our bodies and minds healthy this year in D1!

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Miss Garvin’s Class Learns About Civil Right Movements

Miss Rachel Garvin’s fifth grade class has been learning about the civil rights movement. Students are reading about different events that helped secure rights for African Americans such as the bus boycotts and Brown v. the Board of Education. After reading about specific events, each student created a pie piece to represent their learning!

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Mrs. Smith’s Class Learns About Brave Activists

Mrs. Smith’s class has been reading about how one person can change the world. Each student read a biography on brave activist from history and  today. After reading the biography, each student created a portrait and described their awesome activist by listing their character traits.

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School Nurse is Ready for a Great Year

Our school nurse, Mrs. Orlando, is excited for the new school year! She is taking advantage of the school’s sneak-a-peek to meet with parents and students to discuss emergency forms and update any individual student’s medical concerns.

School nurse with students and parents

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Bancroft Celebrates End of School Year With Final Morning Meeting

Bancroft Elementary School’s students and staff celebrated the end of the 2017-2018 school year with a Morning Meeting assembly on Friday, June 15, 2018. Everyone had a great time singing the school’s song, watching their friends perform dance routines or read poems, listening to Principal Mrs. Leah McComsey read aloud several fifth grade students’ Bancroft Proud essays, watching the “End of the Year” movie slideshow (see link below to watch), and a movie about what Bancroft Elementary School staff do during the summer to keep reading and doing math to stay ready for school in August. Everyone left feeling extremely Bancroft Proud!

End of Year Movie

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