Mrs. Hess’ Class is Working on Bar Models and Writing Narratives

Mrs. Hess’ 4th grade class is working hard at Bancroft! We are using bar models and four-square word problem organizers to build our problem solving skills and attack more complex word problems. We are also working on writing narratives with strong leads and good transitions between ideas, all while writing in paragraph form using our best handwriting. Additionally, we are enjoying our class novels which include award-winning novel Front Desk. 

group of students in math

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Chester County K-9 Sheriffs Department visits 3rd Grade

Third grade recently read the story “Aero and Officer Mike”. This story is about a police officer and his K-9 partner. It describes the events in their day, the training they incur and how they work together as a team. The book came to “life” for the students when Corporal Mendenhall and his K-9 partner came to visit Bancroft. The dynamic duo is from the Chester County K-9 Sheriff Department. Corp. Mendenhall talked to the children about his job and how he helps people. However, Nero stole the show when he demonstrated his amazing K-9 abilities. Everyone enjoyed their demonstration!

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Ms. Craig’s Class Is Creating Treasure Maps

The third grade students in C6 have been busily wrapping up their unit on maps and globes. The students have been working hard on identifying the different oceans and continents, using a compass rose to navigate directions and reading the symbols in the map key. They were able to put these skills to the test when they were asked to navigate a portion of Longwood Gardens in finding different landmarks. The students are also creating their own Treasure Maps to incorporate all the different elements that they have learned about. Will you be able to find their buried treasure? 

students on the carpet drawing mapsstudents on the carpet drawing maps

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Mrs. Gabriela Stephens Moyers’ Spanish Classes Have Been Working Hard

Mrs. Gabriela Stephens Moyer’s Spanish classes working hard on many different activities. The 3rd grade classes are presenting their skits about Columbus meeting the Tainos who were the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands where Christopher Columbus first landed. The 5th grade classes are learning about the first inhabitants of Mexico the Mayas and Aztecs. The students created a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the two. In 1st Grade the students are finishing books describing their families and presenting it in small groups. The 2nd graders are working on a poem about the jungle in Costa Rica and using our 5 senses to describe it. Lots of beautiful drawings and creative work going on! 4th Grade completed a unit about the geography of Bolivia and made some 3-D maps with playdough. We also made sidewalk chalk maps outside on a beautiful day!

students sitting on sidewalk students drawing on sidewalkstudents at desk with palydoughstudents on carpet with papers

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It’s Been a Busy Time for our Guidance Counselor Mrs. Jan Turner

It has turned out to be a busy first trimester for the guidance department here at Bancroft. We hosted Noelia Scharon, owner of La Michoacana Ice Cream store in Kennett Square. Ms. Scharon spoke to our third graders about entrepreneurship and some of the challenges and rewards of small business ownership. We are also thrilled to welcome Mr. Ray Fernandez, former KHS principal, who is coming to speak to our fourth graders about how to prepare for a successful career. Fifth graders will participate in a hands-on Career Fair on November 7th, hosted by the Chester County Technical High School. The Crime Victims Center will be doing the Safe Touches Program with our second graders, and a bullying lesson for grades one through five. We are fortunate to have so many opportunities for learning for our children and are very thankful for our volunteer guest speakers.

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Mrs. Urglavitch’s Music Classes Learn About Musical Elements and the Xylophone

Mrs. Urglavitch’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students have been learning about musical elements and what to listen for in music. They have created individual music listening journals that will keep track of their monthly listening examples and information pertaining to the genre/style of music. Our upper grade levels also continue to focus on our Orff instruments and various arrangements each month in music class. Students have been sharing their work in the hallway for students and staff as they pass by. 1st and 2nd grade students have also been working hard at playing the xylophones and learning about note names and playing techniques. They have come so far in such a little amount of time!

students playing the xylophonestudents playing the xylophone

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Pumpkin Experts in Miss Erin Evans’ Class

Miss Erin Evans’ students are quite the pumpkin experts! We observed the properties of pumpkins, learned about their life cycle, and wrote about them! Miss Evans’ is ready for the fall season!

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Ms. Kari Katherman’s Class Explores Fossils

Ms. Katherman’s third grade class spent some time last week looking at fossils. They learned that fossils are traces of living things that lived long ago. Also, they studied why fossils are so important in giving us clues to what the environment was like a long time ago. The student’s had fun looking at the different fossils.

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Mrs. Tracy Hopkins’ Class Have Been Busy Readers

The students in Mrs. Tracy Hopkins’ have been busy reading fiction and non-fiction books about dogs. Our favorite fiction series is Henry and Mudge. The author Cynthia Rylant has written over 20 books about Henry and his big dog Mudge and we’ve almost read them all! We also got library books about different dog breeds. We used these non-fiction books to learn interesting facts. During writing time we wrote a dog research report so we could share what we learned. We have had such a fun time reading and writing about dogs!

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Fifth Grade Students Tackle STEM Challenges

Mrs. Mallory Smith’s fifth grade students started the year with exciting STEM challenges. STEM encourages collaboration, communication, and problem solving. The students had a blast with their first STEM challenges of the year and are looking forward to more!

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