4th Gr Sartor

What we are working on in Miss. Sartor’s Class

D-6 is working on many creative and fun end of the year assignments and projects. In math we are learning about symmetry. Symmetry is a mirror image that has identical patterns on both sides of the image. We looked at symmetrical images and practiced identifying what images are symmetrical or not. After we practiced, we began a symmetry project where the students got to create their own symmetrical designs. The designs they created needed to be colorful and include shapes. The designs I have seen so far are complex and elaborate designs that the students are very proud of.

In reading we have been reading the chapter book “Save Me a Seat” by Sara Weeks and Gita Varadarajan. This book is about two students named Joe and Ravi who are both school students but have two different school experiences. We read two chapters everyday independently first and then as a class. Once we have learned more information about the story and the characters’ lives, we write down characteristics of the characters and answer higher level response questions about specific parts of the book. The students love this book and make connections with the characters about their experience with school.

In social studies we are focusing on PA government. This week’s topic is PA symbols and we have been making our own PA symbols brochures. The students have been researching different PA symbols. In the brochure, the students are drawing the PA symbols they researched and writing facts about that symbol. This assignment allowed the students to learn a little more about Pennsylvania and what items they are known for.

In writing we are doing a very exciting project. We are doing biographies. The students are very excited because they got to choose a famous person they look up to and research information about them. Not only are we recording facts about the famous person they chose, but they are also creating google slides with those facts and next week we are presenting them to the class. This project took us a little over a week, but they look incredible, and we are learning so many new facts about famous people.

As a class, the students have been learning about a lot of exciting information that they are truly enjoying. They are practicing many skills such as writing, reading, research, drawing, and more importantly learning to be confident in their own work.

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1st grade -Miss Evans

Here’s a message from Miss Evans, “First graders in A6 have been learning about vertebrates. This week they specifically learned about the amphibian frogs and they demonstrated their knowledge of a frog’s life cycle by creating a craft of its stages of metamorphosis. 🐸”

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