Music with Miss Ford

ABOUT ME: Miss Ford is one of our General Music teacher here at Bancroft! Miss Ford is a graduate of Temple University, where she studied Music Education and Opera Performance. Miss Ford is the director or our 4th and 5th Grade Chorus, and Orff Ensemble. She enjoys baking, fitness, and playing piano and guitar. In her music classes, you can expect to do lots of singing, creating, and learning how to play lots of instruments!

What are we doing in music class? 

“In 1st Grade we are currently practicing reading rhythms and our new solfege notes, Sol, La and Mi!

In 2nd Grade we are learning about 16th Notes and how to play a simple pattern on the xylophone.

In 3rd Grade we are identifying dynamics in music and listening for them in music!

4th and 5th Graders are continuing to play the ukulele, and learning about different genres of music”.