100 Days Smarter

100 Days Smarter!!!

Bancroft students celebrated their 100th day of school on Wednesday, February 9th. First Graders were so excited to enjoy special activities for the 100th day of school from each of the first grade teachers! As the teachers visited each classroom, they brought special activities to celebrate being 100 days smarter! Mrs. Hoernig gave students “$100” bills and they wrote what they would do with that much money. Mrs. Rozsits had students playing and stacking 100 cups with partners and building pictures with 100 shapes. Ms. Evans shared a mystery picture on a 100 chart and had students create monsters decorated with 100 details. Mrs. Bender read the book “Jake’s 100th Day of School” and students wrote a special bookmark filled with 100’s!

It was a fun-filled day of imagining, creating, and celebrating!