Bancroft’s Flower Show

The Bancroft Flower Show in Kennett Square!

Bancroft Students have been working hard to create unique and beautiful flower paintings. Students were inspired by different artists and carefully looked at shapes and colors that were needed to complete each masterpiece. The generous PTO donated these canvases so each class could collaborate and take pride in their homeroom’s painting.
The 16 x 20 canvases will be raffled off and presented at the Liberty Marketplace located at 148 W. State Street in Kennett Square PA.
Join us on March 9th for a special evening of Art and School pride! #Bancroftproud
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Second Grade’s Portraits

Second grade has been so busy this month designing and drawing teacher portraits. After reading the Fountas and Pinnell Interactive Read aloud: Jamaica Louise James from “Finding the beauty around the world” unit. The second grade was inspired and decided to put beauty in the hallways here at Bancroft. The students picked a teacher, studied their photo and drew a portrait. As a group we decided to put masks on the teacher portraits. The teachers in second grade are so proud of the kids. They did an amazing job. 

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100 Days Smarter

100 Days Smarter!!!

Bancroft students celebrated their 100th day of school on Wednesday, February 9th. First Graders were so excited to enjoy special activities for the 100th day of school from each of the first grade teachers! As the teachers visited each classroom, they brought special activities to celebrate being 100 days smarter! Mrs. Hoernig gave students “$100” bills and they wrote what they would do with that much money. Mrs. Rozsits had students playing and stacking 100 cups with partners and building pictures with 100 shapes. Ms. Evans shared a mystery picture on a 100 chart and had students create monsters decorated with 100 details. Mrs. Bender read the book “Jake’s 100th Day of School” and students wrote a special bookmark filled with 100’s!

It was a fun-filled day of imagining, creating, and celebrating!

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Third Grade- Miss Pearson

Miss Pearson’s class has been working on persuasive writing. Not only have they each chosen topics that are important to them, but they worked with their peers to create counterarguments to strengthen their point. They have showcased their ability to convince others through writing and through persuasive posters. This 3rd grade room can teach you all about creating Google Slide decks and writing paragraphs on Google Docs!

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