Here’s what’s happening in PE and Health

Here’s what’s happening in health & PE!

In PE, we are excited to bring back the Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart)! Students are raising money for the American Heart Association and bringing awareness to heart disease and stroke. All students will be participating in a “jump day” during their PE class in February! We have also been busy working on our sports skills! We just recently wrapped up our basketball unit and are moving into hockey! We have been so impressed with the athletic talent of our Bancroft students!
In health class, we have been focusing on Personal Health. We have learned about germs and hand washing, teeth, feelings/emotions, friendships, sleep, exercise and the body systems! We even had our school dental hygienist come in as a guest speaker! She even brought toothbrushes! We also participate in a mindful moment each class. Students are really looking forward to Spring for our next Mileage Club session!
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What is 5th Grade learning about?

The 5th graders at Bancroft are currently learning Physical Science. They are studying about one of the greatest scientists of all time… Sir Issac Newton and his 3 Laws of Motion. Students are taking notes, illustrating examples and writing about each law. The final product will be a foldable wheel showcasing what they have learned!

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What is Mrs. Rozsits first grade class learning about?

Hello Bancroft Families,

The students in A3 have been investigating this question: “What do animals do in the winter?” We have read Animals in Winter and Over and Under the Snow to help us answer this question. A3 students can now tell you that some animals hibernate; hedgehogs, turtles, and bears. Some animals migrate; elk, caribou and many birds. Finally, some animals like rabbits, squirrels and deer adapt to their chilly winter environment. The students even chose what they would do if they had a choice. Most of the students wanted to hibernate but some were ready to adapt and enjoy our winter weather.

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Mrs. Donnell’s Class is working on reading

B-5 is working on reading with expression, accuracy and good volume. We are practicing parts to perform a readers’ theater on firefighters. The students have selected roles and have been reading aloud to practice for the performance. The class will have the opportunity to perform for the other second grade classrooms and receive feedback on their goals. It is exciting to see the increased fluency as a result of repeated practice. 

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