Read Across America Week Activities

Next week is Read Across America week and Bancroft students will participate in a special reading activity/dress each day. Please see attached flyer for each day’s activities. We want to celebrate and remember Dr. Seuss with literacy events that will highlight this unique American author/illustrator.

read across america week flyer

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Mrs. Michelle Barlow’s Class Learns About the Branches of Government

Mrs. Michelle Barlow’s class has been learning about the branches of government, and how each branch operates. During this time we also created and performed a mock trial to perform for parents. Creating a mock trial allowed students to become engaged and gain a deeper understanding of the judicial branch of government. During our presentation known as Law Day, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Kohler into each classroom to play the role of our judge. All the students did an amazing job during their performances!

students seated at desk and one student standing holding a piece of paper students seated at desk student at desk and holding paper with adultstudents at desk

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Second Graders Start Writing A Personal Autobiography

Second grade is so excited to start writing our “Who is…” story as a personal autobiography. We are spending time asking our parents about our early years and writing our favorite memories of our childhood. Each student will be publishing their own book with the information and we are focusing on the publishing process. At the end of the year we will celebrate with an authors’ picnic and ceremony honoring the amazing writing that is happening in second grade.

students holding books

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Mrs. Kristin Spahr’s Reading Classes Learn About Making Choices and Empathy

Imagine you are forced to leave your home, never to return again. You are given 10 minutes to pack whatever you can carry on your back. The students in Mrs. Kristin Spahr’s reading classes did just that. To connect with our class novel, Refugee, a story about 3 kids who are forced to leave their homes in search of safety, students gave themselves exactly 10 minutes to pack whatever they could. From this experience we learned about the tough choices that the characters had to face and gained a sense of greater sense of understanding and empathy.

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Mrs. Stephen-Moyer’s Spanish Classes are Learning about Geography

We just had our semester switch and have a whole new group of students! Our first unit is Geography! 3rd grade classes are learning about the geography in the Caribbean. How many countries are there in the Caribbean? Where is Puerto Rico? Where is the Dominican Republic? The 5th grade class is learning about the geography in Mexico and Central America. We are finding Mexico and Guatemala on the map and trying to find out how many states are in Mexico. Did you know how many states Mexico has?! 1st Grade is learning to find the United States on a map of the world and trace a line to Spain. That’s a long way! We are learning what colors the flag is and saying them in Spanish. 2nd graders are preparing for a virtual trip to Costa Rica! First we are learning where it is in the world and the other 6 countries that make up Central America. Did you know that Costa Rica is part of North America? 4th Grade is starting a unit about the geography of South America and Bolivia. There are 13 countries in South America. We will be focusing on Bolivia and are getting ready to make some 3-D maps with Playdough!

students at desk holding up mapstudents at desk coloring map

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