Health and Physical Education Classes Are Learning About the Rock Wall and Keeping Teeth Healthy

Mrs. Leigh Castle, Mrs. Kelly Hainsey, and Mr. John Howanski’s classes are reaching high heights in Physical Education class. All PE classes climbed the rock wall to work on upper body and grip strength, as well as learning bouldering/traverse wall climbing. Students have also been playing 4 square which generates eye-hand coordination and concentration, as well as developing proprioception and directional awareness.

In health class, Stacey Zelesnick came in to talk to all classes about keeping our teeth healthy and clean. The students get a kick out of Flossy.  Mr. Flossy’s advice, “Brush your teeth at least twice a day to keep the dentist away.”

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Mr. Seamus Solon’s Groups Are Working Towards Their Goals

The students in Mr. Seamus Solon’s groups are working hard to meet their goals across various subject areas. We have practiced and improved our reading fluency often exceeding the goals set forth as well as applying new skills to understand what we are reading. We are also practicing with money and making exact amounts from chosen menu items. Believing in yourself and your capabilities is the first step in achieving your goals and reaching new heights. These students have gained the confidence in themselves to be successful through hard work and perseverance.

student holding a paperstudent counting money

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Mrs. Rozsits’ Class Learns About December Holidays

Mrs. Rozsits’ first grade class is learning about the many December holidays. We are reading and writing about Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. For each holiday we read a passage or a book and make a project to match the holiday. We made these beautiful poinsettias for Las Posadas after reading The Legend of the Poinsettia. The first graders love to learn about the many different ways we celebrate in the month of December.

students holding flowers and signs

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Mrs. Hess’ Class is Working on Bar Models and Writing Narratives

Mrs. Hess’ 4th grade class is working hard at Bancroft! We are using bar models and four-square word problem organizers to build our problem solving skills and attack more complex word problems. We are also working on writing narratives with strong leads and good transitions between ideas, all while writing in paragraph form using our best handwriting. Additionally, we are enjoying our class novels which include award-winning novel Front Desk. 

group of students in math

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Chester County K-9 Sheriffs Department visits 3rd Grade

Third grade recently read the story “Aero and Officer Mike”. This story is about a police officer and his K-9 partner. It describes the events in their day, the training they incur and how they work together as a team. The book came to “life” for the students when Corporal Mendenhall and his K-9 partner came to visit Bancroft. The dynamic duo is from the Chester County K-9 Sheriff Department. Corp. Mendenhall talked to the children about his job and how he helps people. However, Nero stole the show when he demonstrated his amazing K-9 abilities. Everyone enjoyed their demonstration!

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