Mrs. Gabriela Stephens Moyers’ Spanish Classes Have Been Working Hard

Mrs. Gabriela Stephens Moyer’s Spanish classes working hard on many different activities. The 3rd grade classes are presenting their skits about Columbus meeting the Tainos who were the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands where Christopher Columbus first landed. The 5th grade classes are learning about the first inhabitants of Mexico the Mayas and Aztecs. The students created a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the two. In 1st Grade the students are finishing books describing their families and presenting it in small groups. The 2nd graders are working on a poem about the jungle in Costa Rica and using our 5 senses to describe it. Lots of beautiful drawings and creative work going on! 4th Grade completed a unit about the geography of Bolivia and made some 3-D maps with playdough. We also made sidewalk chalk maps outside on a beautiful day!

students sitting on sidewalk students drawing on sidewalkstudents at desk with palydoughstudents on carpet with papers