School Nurse Shares GERM-Buster Lesson With Students

Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection, and Bancroft Elementary School’s nurse, Mrs. Maureen Orlando, has been sharing a GERM-buster lesson with classes to discuss the why, when, and most importantly, how to wash hands. The use of the GlitterBug hand washing products and an ultraviolet light allows students to visualize the trail of contamination we often spread via our hands!

So when we have germs on our hands, who you gonna call?


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Second Grade Students Become Published Authors

The students in Mrs. Sherri Donnell’s second grade class have been hard at work writing and publishing their first hardback book. The second grade received a grant from the Kennett Education Foundation to purchase two blank hardback books per student. Mrs. Donnell explains that the students modeled their books after the popular “Who is?” series. They wrote about their life experiences and had fun making goals for the future.

The class will celebrate being published at the end of the year with a parent publication picnic and dedication where students will donate one of their books to the library for future students to read.

students holding books

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Mr. Seamus Solon’s Students Work Hard to Reach Their Goals

Students in Mr. Seamus Solon’s class are working hard to reach their goals. Each student’s goals were created to meet their needs and build on existing skills. From addition and subtraction, to spelling and fluency, students have been working on a variety of activities to meet their goals. Together, students track their progress to see how far they have come. Mr. Solon’s class knows that sometimes things are hard, but if they keep working hard, they can achieve anything!

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Mrs. Amanda Kochersperger’s Second Grade Class Participates in Fun Writing Activities

This year, Mrs. Amanda Kochersperger’s second grade class is learning how to become better writers through a variety of fun activities. Students enjoy sharing what they did over the weekend with the Weekend Web writing prompt. Students also enjoy taking Brain Breaks, where they practice yoga movements to calm their bodies and refocus their minds. Brain Breaks help students feel connected as a group, creating a collaborative environment.

students at desksstudents practicing yogastudents practicing yoga

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Mrs. Kate Craig’s Class Learns about the Branches of Government

The students of C6 have been super busy! Students are busy learning all about the different branches of government in preparation for their upcoming Law Day. The students have been researching the different branches to gain a better understanding of how the government works. They’ve done an excellent job creating posters to present.

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