Dr. Kilpatrick’s Classroom is Buzzing with Activity

There is never a dull moment in Dr. Jon Kilpatrick’s gifted classroom. Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades with Gifted IEP’s push their strategy skills to the limit every day with games of Risk and through logic puzzles and word problems. But that’s not all. Third, fourth, and fifth graders are all engaged in other fields of study. These are some of their favorites: The third graders have begun working on studying words with Latin origins in order to determine specific spelling patterns associated with Latin words. The fourth graders have nearly completed their construction of a miniature house that features working lights with student-designed switches on all the walls. The fifth graders integrated a school research project and their field trip to Philadelphia when they visited the graves of the signers of the Declaration of Independence that they had been researching. Soon, they will present their research to their classmates.