Mrs. Urglavitch’s Music Classes Learn About Musical Elements and the Xylophone

Mrs. Urglavitch’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students have been learning about musical elements and what to listen for in music. They have created individual music listening journals that will keep track of their monthly listening examples and information pertaining to the genre/style of music. Our upper grade levels also continue to focus on our Orff instruments and various arrangements each month in music class. Students have been sharing their work in the hallway for students and staff as they pass by. 1st and 2nd grade students have also been working hard at playing the xylophones and learning about note names and playing techniques. They have come so far in such a little amount of time!

students playing the xylophonestudents playing the xylophone

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Pumpkin Experts in Miss Erin Evans’ Class

Miss Erin Evans’ students are quite the pumpkin experts! We observed the properties of pumpkins, learned about their life cycle, and wrote about them! Miss Evans’ is ready for the fall season!

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Ms. Kari Katherman’s Class Explores Fossils

Ms. Katherman’s third grade class spent some time last week looking at fossils. They learned that fossils are traces of living things that lived long ago. Also, they studied why fossils are so important in giving us clues to what the environment was like a long time ago. The student’s had fun looking at the different fossils.

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Mrs. Tracy Hopkins’ Class Have Been Busy Readers

The students in Mrs. Tracy Hopkins’ have been busy reading fiction and non-fiction books about dogs. Our favorite fiction series is Henry and Mudge. The author Cynthia Rylant has written over 20 books about Henry and his big dog Mudge and we’ve almost read them all! We also got library books about different dog breeds. We used these non-fiction books to learn interesting facts. During writing time we wrote a dog research report so we could share what we learned. We have had such a fun time reading and writing about dogs!

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Fourth Grade Learns About Worms

The fourth grade students had a wonderful time learning about worms during a science lab titled, “Wondering About Worms.”

First, students created an environment to test the question: Do earthworms prefer light or darkness? After three trials, the students determined that worms prefer the dark. This environment replicated a worm’s natural environment in which they bury themselves in the soil and dirt.

Next the students asked: Do earthworms prefer moist or dry areas? The students were surprised to find that most worms like the dry area.

Finally the students asked: How do earthworms react to touch? As predicted, worms flinch when touched.

The class determined that worms inherited these behaviors. Everyone had a blast learning about worms!

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Fifth Grade Students Tackle STEM Challenges

Mrs. Mallory Smith’s fifth grade students started the year with exciting STEM challenges. STEM encourages collaboration, communication, and problem solving. The students had a blast with their first STEM challenges of the year and are looking forward to more!

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Tracking Student Book Returns Encourages Timely Returns

Bancroft Elementary School students are now able to track how their class returns library books. The ice cream pictograph in the library illustrates ow each class is doing when it comes to returning library books on time. Each week students have the opportunity to check out new library books. If they return all books on time their ice cream pictograph will remain tall. But, if some students do not return books on time, the ice cream on the class’ cone will ‘melt.’ Each month the class with the largest ice cream cone will be able to check out as many library books as they can carry. Book exchanges began Wednesday, September 4, cream cone tracker

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Family Literacy Night

Bancroft Elementary School’s Title I Family Literacy Night will be held on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 6:30 pm. Come out to celebrate literacy with fun, hands-on activities that you can do at home. Each student in attendance will receive a free book! We hope to see you there.


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