Mrs. Kate Bowen’s 2nd Grade Class Has Been Really Busy

Students in Mrs. Kate Bowen’s class recently read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad written by Judith Viorst. In order to practice their writing skills, the class decided to write about a wonderful, fantastic, awesome, really good day! Students also read Jamaica Louise James in their Storytown books. The reading inspired students to draw portraits of teachers and staff. The amazing portraits are on display in the hallways of Bancroft Elementary School.

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Mrs. Tracy Hopkins’ Class Writes Autobiographies

Mrs. Tracy Hopkins’ second grade students learned what it takes to be an author by writing their own autobiographies. Students learned that being an author takes time and requires patience and perseverance. Their autobiography stories turned out amazing! Together, students celebrated their stories with a review party in the second grade pod. Students and teachers read each other’s books, and wrote helpful reviews about something they liked, noticed, thought, and wondered. It was a wonderful, sharing celebration!

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School Nurse Shares GERM-Buster Lesson With Students

Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection, and Bancroft Elementary School’s nurse, Mrs. Maureen Orlando, has been sharing a GERM-buster lesson with classes to discuss the why, when, and most importantly, how to wash hands. The use of the GlitterBug hand washing products and an ultraviolet light allows students to visualize the trail of contamination we often spread via our hands!

So when we have germs on our hands, who you gonna call?


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Second Grade Students Become Published Authors

The students in Mrs. Sherri Donnell’s second grade class have been hard at work writing and publishing their first hardback book. The second grade received a grant from the Kennett Education Foundation to purchase two blank hardback books per student. Mrs. Donnell explains that the students modeled their books after the popular “Who is?” series. They wrote about their life experiences and had fun making goals for the future.

The class will celebrate being published at the end of the year with a parent publication picnic and dedication where students will donate one of their books to the library for future students to read.

students holding books

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Mr. Seamus Solon’s Students Work Hard to Reach Their Goals

Students in Mr. Seamus Solon’s class are working hard to reach their goals. Each student’s goals were created to meet their needs and build on existing skills. From addition and subtraction, to spelling and fluency, students have been working on a variety of activities to meet their goals. Together, students track their progress to see how far they have come. Mr. Solon’s class knows that sometimes things are hard, but if they keep working hard, they can achieve anything!

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Mrs. Amanda Kochersperger’s Second Grade Class Participates in Fun Writing Activities

This year, Mrs. Amanda Kochersperger’s second grade class is learning how to become better writers through a variety of fun activities. Students enjoy sharing what they did over the weekend with the Weekend Web writing prompt. Students also enjoy taking Brain Breaks, where they practice yoga movements to calm their bodies and refocus their minds. Brain Breaks help students feel connected as a group, creating a collaborative environment.

students at desksstudents practicing yogastudents practicing yoga

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Mrs. Kate Craig’s Class Learns about the Branches of Government

The students of C6 have been super busy! Students are busy learning all about the different branches of government in preparation for their upcoming Law Day. The students have been researching the different branches to gain a better understanding of how the government works. They’ve done an excellent job creating posters to present.

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KCSD to Implement New Visitor Procedures on Friday, February 1st at All Buildings

In an effort to continuously improve upon a safe & secure environment for our students and staff, the District, in collaboration with local law enforcement, identified priorities related to building security which included the revised visitor procedures listed below. These procedures will be implemented at all buildings beginning Friday, February 1st.

Thank you and we truly appreciate your support and cooperation moving forward.

Building Entrance Procedures

  • All visitors must have an appointment.
  • All visitors will be welcomed with a standardized script, and will need to provide their name and purpose of their visit.
  • All visitors shall enter through the main entrance of the school and report immediately to the main office.
  • If leaving an item for a student or staff member, please notify the main office and place the item(s) in the collection box located outside the main entrance to be collected in a timely manner.

Visitor Identification Procedures

  • All visitors must present photo identification. The photo ID will be secured in the main office and will be returned upon sign out.
  • Authorized visitors will be given a red KCSD Visitor lanyard and badge which must be worn at all times while in the building.

*A visitor is considered any person not employed by the KCSD.

Es un esfuerzo continuo por mejorar un entorno seguro para nuestros estudiantes y personal, el distrito escolar en colaboración con las autoridades locales, identificó las prioridades relacionadas con la seguridad del edificio que incluyen los procedimientos revisados ​​para visitantes que se mencionan a continuación.Estos procedimientos se implementarán en todos los edificios, a partir del viernes 1° de febrero.

Agradecemos enormemente su apoyo y cooperación para avanzar.

Procedimientos de entrada al edificio escolar

  • Todos los visitantes deben tener una cita.
  • Todos los visitantes serán recibidos con un guión estandarizado, solicitando su nombre y el propósito de la visita.
  • Todos los visitantes deberán ingresar por la entrada principal de la escuela e informar inmediatamente a la oficina principal.
  • Si va a dejar un artículo para el estudiante o miembro del personal, notifique a la oficina principal y coloque los artículos en la caja de recolección ubicada, afuera de la entrada principal, para que se recojan de manera oportuna.

Procedimientos de identificación para visitantes

  • Todos los visitantes deben presentar una identificación con foto, para inspección en la oficina principal. La identificación se asegurará en la oficina principal y se devolverá al momento de cerrar la sesión y regresar el cordón de visitante.
  • A todos los visitantes autorizados se les entregará un cordón rojo y una insignia de visitante de KCSD que se deben usar en todo momento mientras se encuentre en el edificio escolar.

*Cualquier visitante es considerado persona no empleada por el KCSD.

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Mrs. Michelle Strickland and Mrs. Elisa Mata Teach Band and Orchestra

The Bancroft Elementary School’s instrumental ensembles feature both the fourth and fifth grade band lead by Mrs. Michelle Strickland and the third, fourth, and fifth grade orchestra lead by Mrs. Elisa Mata. The ensembles recently had a successful winter concert and are preparing the students with new a musical repertoire for the spring. Music literacy and tone quality are the primary focus as they venture into music exploring dynamics, articulation, and new notes and rhythms. As always, the encourage young musicians are encouraged to practice daily so that they may unleash their full potential and become the best musicians they can be!

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Mrs. Leslie Coppola’s Class Creates a Galaxy

Mrs. Leslie Coppola’s third grade science class created a C4 Galaxy as a culminating activity to their Solar System unit. Each student created and named their own planet.  In an essay, students included the natural resources, jobs available, who lives there, and interesting facts about their planet. The excitement and creativity was out of this world! Well done C4!

students in front of planet bulletin board

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