Music Classes Are Writing Journals and Learning About Note Names

There is so much going on this year in music class!

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students have been learning about musical elements and what to listen for in music. They have created individual music listening journals that will keep track of their monthly listening examples and information pertaining to the genre/style of music.

First and second grade students have been working hard at playing the xylophones and learning about note names and playing techniques. They have come so far in such a short amount of time!

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Mrs. Alicia Naimoli’s 5th grade Class Participates in Postcard Exchange

Students in E3 are participating in a postcard exchange for a global read aloud along with two other fifth grade classes at Bancroft. Mrs. Alicia Naimoli is reading aloud the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz which depicts the stories of three refugees from three different countries and time periods in history. Students are reflecting on the novel by writing postcards to students around the globe who are also reading Refugee. They received their first postcard last week and are excited to track all of the places they receive postcards from in the coming weeks!

students writinggroup of students in front of windowworld mapstudent writing

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In Physical Education Class Students are Having Fun with Fitness

In Physical Education class, students are having fun with fitness, utilizing our equipment funded by a KEF CrossFit Kids grant! We are working on squats, overhead presses, and box jumps. Our fitness days include fun warm-ups and games, and of course a fun workout to practice our skills! We are also working on sport-related skills such as kicking and throwing and catching. Students played 2 versus 2 soccer games, over and underhand throwing, and “Capture the Football”- just in time for football season. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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STAR Time Is Underway

STAR (Strategic Targeted and Responsive) instruction is well underway at Bancroft Elementary School. STAR Time is part of the school’s MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) which is a multi-tiered model that provides instruction and interventions to meet the instructional needs of all students in grades first through fifth. Each STAR group meets daily for 30 minutes and changes according to individual student needs.

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Students Receive Monthly Books from Sponsors

This year Mrs. Kristin Spahr’s fifth grade class has been fortunate to receive free scholastic books each month from gracious sponsors. They recently received their September book order and have gotten to work writing thank you letters to their sponsors, telling them about the new and exciting books they’ve received.

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Students Learn About Mileage Club, Exercise Cycles, and Mindfulness

There is so much happening in Mrs. Leigh Castle, Mr. John Howanski and Mrs. Kelly Hainsey’s health classes!

Everyone is setting goals and running laps during Mileage Club. And, students in Mrs. Hainsey’s class are using a new scanning system funded by an Innovated Grant from The Kennett Education Foundation, called EZ Scan. Inside the classroom, Mrs. Castle incorporates an exercise of the cycle, like “Wacky Jacks,” with her students, while Mr. Howanski is practicing mindfulness activities! We’re keeping our bodies and minds healthy this year in D1!

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Library is Ready for the Read for the Gold Reading Incentive

Bancroft Elementary School’s library media center is ready to begin its 8th annual Read for the Gold school-wide reading incentive program this week. Students have been trained in the Accelerated Reader online quiz program and are ready to earn comprehension points for each book read and quiz passed. Classes will earn points and they will be tracked on the school’s ‘Reader’s Up’ baseball display in the library media center. Each week Mr. David Livergood, the school’s library media specialist, will update class points on the display. Beginning in October, classes, with the most comprehension points by grade level, will earn the reading trophy for their class monthly. Readers up!!

baseball field

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Miss Garvin’s Class Learns About Civil Right Movements

Miss Rachel Garvin’s fifth grade class has been learning about the civil rights movement. Students are reading about different events that helped secure rights for African Americans such as the bus boycotts and Brown v. the Board of Education. After reading about specific events, each student created a pie piece to represent their learning!

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Mrs. Smith’s Class Learns About Brave Activists

Mrs. Mallory Smith’s fifth grade class has been reading about how one person can change the world. Each student read a biography on brave activist from history and today. After reading the biography, each student created a portrait and described their awesome activist by listing their character traits.

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