Students Practice Mindfulness

In D6, Miss Lauren Williams’ class practices mindfulness during Morning Meeting using fun, engaging, and mindful greetings, activities, and sharing. During a recent greeting, the students played “Mindful Hands.” Each student made-up a hand signal to greet the class and then each classmate repeated the hand signal back. This required the students to have their eyes on the greeter and to pay close attention to each and every movement.

Another way they incorporated movement was to play “Full Motion.” In this activity, the students go around the circle, adding a new movement until everyone can’t remain in sync. This activity energizes their bodies and tests their ability to focus on multiple movements at once.

Lastly, the students shared positive affirmations to practice self-love and self-appreciation. Some of the class’ favorites are “I am kind,” “I am unique,” and “I can do hard things.”

Incorporating mindfulness into the Morning Meeting sets the tone for a productive and positive day!students standing student wavingI am unique note card