Second Grade Students Receive New Books

All second grade students at Bancroft Elementary School received a new book courtesy of Partners in Outreach and Barnes and Noble. Mrs. Kimberly Suydam, Bancroft Title I Intervention Specialist, partnered with Ms. Maryann Parsons of Partners in Outreach to provide this amazing opportunity for our students. After reading to each second grade class, volunteers distributed brand new books to each student. This activity helps to reach the goal of all students having books in their homes. First and third grade students each received new books in January 2018. Link to Partners in Outreach:

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Second Grade Students Adorn Hallway With Staff Portraits

Second grade students created portraits of Bancroft Elementary School’s staff to adorn the main hallway. After reading Jamaica Louise James by Amy Hest in their Storytown reading series, students wanted to re-create what the main character did in that story. In the story, Jamaica saw that the subway walls were drab and people needed cheering up so she started hanging up portraits. When she did, people became happy and started interacting with each other. Just like in the story, the second grade students saw how everyone at Bancroft Elementary School began talking about the portraits and that they were happy, too!

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Second Grade Students Create Original Books

Second grade students at Bancroft Elementary School spent the last few weeks becoming authors and illustrators. The students started with an outline to plan the plot for their books. Then, after much writing, editing and revising, each student created a final hardback book. Finally, they added illustrations and their books were complete and ready to share.

To share their books, they held an Author’s Celebration in the second grade pod. Students read each other’s stories and wrote helpful reviews telling something they liked, noticed, thought or wondered about each book. It was an exciting day and students were so proud to share their work. Books will be on display and available to read on a special bookshelf in the Author’s Corner of the second grade pod throughout the year. Students obtained the hardback books through a grant from the Kennett Education Foundation that was requested by second grade teacher Mrs. Sherri Donnell.

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Fourth Grade Movie Night Features The Boss Baby

Ready for an exciting night of food, prizes, and a movie? Then come to Bancroft Elementary School’s fourth grade movie night and watch The Boss Baby while having a chance to win some great prizes!

Join us this Friday, February 16 for the excitement; doors open at 6:30 pm. Proceeds will help the fourth grade with their class trip to Harrisburg.

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