Mrs. Spahr’s Fifth Graders Taste Books by the Genre

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Spahr’s class recently enjoyed a Book Tasting. Seated at the “Bancroft Bistro,” the students “tasted” different books by rotating through genres of books by IMG_6422tables. They started by jotting down their first impressions (what they thought of the cover, the title) in their “menu.” Next, students were allotted 5 minutes to read a little bit of the book. When the time ended, they answered a few questions, such as “What did you think of what you read?”, “What did the author do to hook you?”, and “Would you read this book?” The students gave each book a rating between 1 and 5. Finally, they were given a few minutes to share what they read and their thoughts with their tablemates. After the “tasting” was over, the students couldn’t wait to check out the books they sampled at the Bancroft Bistro!