Bancroft Hosts Responsive Classroom Conference

Mrs. Leah McComsey, principal of Bancroft Elementary School, is proud to announce that the was the site of a Responsive Classroom Conference and workshop for the third summer in a row. This year’s conference hosted 126 participants, 10 of which are teachers at Bancroft Elementary School. Participants traveled from as far as Vermont, Connecticut, Ohio and various other states to attend this workshop as Bancroft Elementary School is one of the only schools on the East Coast to host this special event. Many participants stayed in the local hotels, shopped uptown in Kennett Square and ate in our local restaurants. Everyone was very complementary about our warm and welcoming town and our beautiful host school!
Bancroft Responsive Classroom
This week of learning helps to support the school-wide philosophy in Responsive Classroom strategies and techniques so that all students feel comfortable, accepted and welcomed into the learning environment which then allows students to be better learners. Congratulations to these 10 dedicated teachers who kicked off their summer break with a week of learning that they will take into next year to make the 2016–2017 school year the best yet! At the conclusion of this conference, Bancroft Elementary School will have 99% of their entire teaching staff trained in Responsive Classroom strategies!